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Tradoon Translation founded in 2010, is an emerging leader in the translation and content localization service provider. Today, translation services are essential to the successful operation of businesses of every size in the global market place.

The Tradoon team is made up of experienced and talented professional translators, industry specific engineers, top-notch project managers and QA personnel. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language with proven experience in translating every type of material.

Our team has solid professional backgrounds in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, data communication, telephony, healthcare products, network management, optics, semiconductors, medical devices, programming, databases, data encryption, financial software, legal contracts and others.

We work with different language pairs and provide translations into almost every spoken language including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Swedish. Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures that our translation is of a high quality, uses the appropriate terminology, carefully renders all the nuances and style, reads well and is accurate.

Our unique management approach ensures that the same translations are available to work with you from one project to the next. This provides project continuity and greatly reduces the learning curve, saving you both time and money. When you need extra resources for a special project we provide reinforcements. Using our custom-designed database, we track each project carefully to ensure that we adhere to our scheduling and budget commitments on every project.

Tradoon Translation understands the importance of quality and reliability and this comes at the forefront of everything we do. Past experience has allowed us to be in a position to be able to work with some of the finest and most talented professional language translators from every background around the globe.

At Tradoon we put special emphasis on our customers. Our project managers are always available and are particularly responsive and sensitive to your needs. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our commitment to exceeding your expectations. Our services offering includes regular reports detailing our activities so you always know exactly what project elements we are working on and what costs to expect.

Respect for deadlines is a cornerstone of our business We guarantee that the translations and localized products we produce are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world. We adhere strictly to industry standard methodologies including quality control which in turn produces consistently high quality for each project. translations and interpreters are chosen specifically for their area of expertise as required by your project. Every translations and interpretation project is reviewed by a second translator for complete quality assurance. In addition, a second round of editing is performed by a professional editor, who also works in his or her native language. We have great respect for the field of translations, and we are sure that the qualified and highly professional work of the specialized translations will never be completely replaced by machines. However, intelligent technology can make them significantly more efficient. To this end, we make modern translation tools available to all Tradoon translators with error checking, accuracy verification, and integrated translations memory. At the same time, we make our own work easier in that we have support from technology in all of the processes connected with the execution of translations, like proposal preparation, project management, and account management. This saves time, money, and wear and tear on nerves, all of which we would rather use for meeting your extra requests and overseeing your projects.

When you work with Tradoon you work with a team. This arrangement allows us to provide you with a wealth of experience, expertise, effective and efficient project management. Tradoon actively manages and guides all translations teams. The result is an exceptional team working efficiently together to meet deadlines and produce consistently superior results.

Tradoon Translations Company strictly observes the code of Professional Ethics and Business Conduct and does not disclose confidential information to third parties.

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