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What does Translation means?

TranslationTranslation means when we convert any written document from one language to another it is known as translation.

This written document can be a legal document, a proposal of a company.

Why you need a Translator for your company?

TranslationWe need the help of Translation Company to overcome the language barrier.

Our top most miss- conception is that most of the people in world speak English language but according to the survey report more than 90 % of world population doesn't speak in English language.

How can one find best Translation Company in Delhi?

There are some points that can help you to choose a translation company that will translate your documents in a professional way

1) Communicate with company

The first step is to identify that whether the company is able to understand your requirement, how you want your documents to be translated etc. if they are unable to understand, then this is not the company you are looking for.

2) Ask for Sample work:

sampleDon't hesitate to ask about their previous work and if possible tell them to show work samples. Take out a person with you which is native speaker of that language, in this way you can ensure that the work done by the translation company is in a professional way and the message of original document is not lost in translation.

3) Experience in their work:

Ask them for their experience. Which type of document they have translated, in which language translation they are more experienced.

4) Search about the company on internet.

searchSearch about the company on internet. And search for review of the translation company. What people are saying about the company, how much rating it receives from the clients etc.

5) What is the Time Duration of translation?

timeAsk them how much time they will take to translate your documents. If they can give you particular time duration then it's a good sign and if not then it may be not the translation company in Delhi you are looking for.

6) Beware of Cheap Translation services:

If any company provides you services at very cheap rates than be cautious as it may be the chance that they are not providing you good quality of translation services.

How much Translation company charges?

dollorCost of these services will vary from one company to another. Some company charges per word basis, some charges per line basis etc. the main point is that the cost of translation must fall within your budget.

We, Tradoon trans is also a Translation company in delhi that is the provides translation services of best quality.Call us at: 9871744623 or 9716357323 or you can visit our website

We also provide translation between rare languages like Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian etc.

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